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Tackling Accounting Solutions from Every Side

Great accounting is hard to find, but with LN Accounting Advisor, your search stops here.

We work alongside owners, acting as a strategic advisor to help them get a handle on their financials so they can make well-informed business decisions. Here at LN Accounting Advisor, we understand that each business is different and that every industry comes with its own set of nuances - especially when it comes to accounting. Our remote capabilities and in-depth accounting experience make our team specifically qualified to work with consumer products and e-commerce businesses. Whether you sell online or to a wholesale distributor, produce cosmetics, food​, and beverage, or products​ ​for a healthier lifestyle, we are the right fit for you.


At LN Accounting Advisor, we’re so much more than data entry and spreadsheets. We​ ​connect our personalized approach with extensive industry knowledge,  serving as your key strategic advisor. We’re here to help your company increase its bottom line and improve profitability. Let us take care of​ ​the numbers so you can focus on innovation and increasing sales!​ ​After all, we both have the same goal: Achieving a better life for our businesses, for ourselves, and for our customers.


But how can you reach that goal without knowing where you’re at in the first place? That’s where we come into play.

Fueled by Proactive Leadership

Lahari Neelapareddy, CPA

Meet Our Founder

Lahari Neelapareddy, CPA

Lahari Neelapareddy​, ​CPA, ​is ​passionate ​about serving ​companies that are making innovative​ ​products accessible to consumers. 


​"​Helping my clients succeed is what I love. I’m​ ​focused on providing financial thought​​ leadership, accounting, and fiscal management​ ​unique to small to mid-size businesses in the CPG industry, who are focused on​ ​bringing a unique and competitive twist to their industry.​ ​I enjoy helping entrepreneurs achieve the dream that they have for their businesses​. ​With​ ​the experience I have, I focus on bringing efficiency, accuracy, and clarity to accounting​ ​and operations for small to mid-sized organizations in the CPG industry.​" ​


​With over five years of public accounting​ experience, Lahari's goal for starting LN Accounting Advisors, LLC was to ensure that even small to mid-size businesses were able to get accounting​ ​services and strategic guidance equivalent to large corporations.

Let's Connect 

Contact our remote team by email or via our social media channels anytime, anywhere.

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