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Finding a Voice and Following a Passion

Sima Azadegan is a remarkable woman. A pianist and opera singer, she has also served as a board member to numerous charities and humanitarian organizations and boasts an impressive collection of accomplishments and career milestones. And after all this, she still asked herself—"then what?" Sima took that challenge and is now the acclaimed fashion designer behind the widely acknowledged Sima Collezione. But even deeper, Sima has a vision “to create the most beautiful dresses the world has not yet seen”, and a mission to empower ladies by creating bold, unique dresses that bring out the beauty and light within each woman. On the podcast "Then What..?", Sima shares with Lahari Neelapareddy a deep look into her brand dedicated to empowering women, creating incredibly vibrant dresses made up of 50 distinct designs that have already landed her in a spotlight at the 2021 Fashion Week, and her fast unfolding future as vibrant as her dresses.

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