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Manifesting Malk

If you have a product that is on the verge of disrupting the food/beverage industry, this episode is full of insight and inspiration! And if you aren’t, it is an incredible story about a business-savvy mom who poured herself into a brand that you have likely seen while grocery shopping. Her confidence and belief in the product (along with a LOT of hard work and acumen) “manifested” the success of MALK organics.

“If you don’t start with passion, you can’t get to the big deal. They are just too hard to get.” August Vega, the cofounder of the amazing company MALK Organics, the only cold-pressed line of organic plant-based milk made with sprouted nuts & 6 ingredients or less, has a passion that is evident with every fiber of her being. So much so, she sees her company as a kind of second child. And the moment she knew she could only bring it so far, despite how far she had brought it, she asked herself— "OK look at what we have accomplished? So, then what?" She knew a new leader was the only way her second child could grow up to be what it needed to be. On the podcast "Then What?", August joins Lahari Neelapareddy to share how a dairy allergy-inspired an opportunity for industry disruption; why COVID presented real obstacles for Malk Organics’ production; the challenges and rewards of working with family; how an unforeseen business disaster led to the two weeks during which August never thought she’d smile again; important thoughts on overcoming burnout and being nimble to innovate quickly; and the importance of hustle, drive, and blinders.



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