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Re-Think Cleaning with Mat Franken of Aunt Fannie's on "Then What...?" Podcast

When you think of health and wellness you may not think of cleaning products. Mat Franken, founder of Aunt Fannie's (offering plant-based ingredients, probiotics, and essential oils for healthier housekeeping) has a mission to bring wellness to our homes. Mat and his team have succeeded in changing the perception of cleaning products as part of wellness by helping consumers surround themselves with what’s best for them, and doing so with a give-first mentality. It’s been said that we spend 95% of our lives inside. With a global pandemic, that’s more true than ever. Why not make the very best of it?

On the podcast "Then What?", Mat joins Lahari Neelapareddy, CPA to share how education has played an important part in the journey of Aunt Fannie's and how the company was born out of personal adversity in Mat’s own family and the lack of information to solve it; facing the choice to compromise on values for profit; why being shameless has helped with fundraising; how helping people instead of taking advantage of an opportunity has paid off; the importance of a community of first-time entrepreneurs; and the inspiring story of how the company got its name.

Listen Now!

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