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Renata Porter - Organizational Design & Development, Leadership and Executive Coaching

Strategic planning and implementing change is inevitable for any entrepreneur or leader when arriving at big moments of change -- those huge “then what” moments. And every leader needs an advisor and confidant with the experience in assisting them with effectively leading their teams through change, difficult times, or rapid growth. Often, leaders need input from someone with unbiased perspectives and solutions to deploy. For Lahari Neelapareddy, one of those people has been Renata Porter. On "Then What?" podcast, Renata shares why Organizational Design and Development and Leadership and Executive Coaching can both be so crucial for any entrepreneur to move to the next big stage of their business or to overcome major challenges; how her work with me and my company LN Accounting Advisor has been transformative; and, why being candid and being willing to have hard conversations is key in achieving real growth.

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