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Taking a Leap with Electra Davis, Mysteek Naturals

The people we celebrate, in business and in life, are often those who take a big leap. There is that moment when they have to decide: am I going to stay on this side? Or will I leap to the other side, take the risk, and really go for it? That leap, and what we do once we have leaped (a then what moment) is where the difference really can be. Electra Davis, founder of Mysteek Naturals, is believed to be one of the first women to have created a chemical free hair color product, having started developing the product in 2016. The company is a Black/woman/veteran-owned small business. Plus, she’s a mother of two. Electra left the security of a 9-to-5 job and took that leap, going all in on her own business.It isn’t easy, but making that leap can help propel you to the next stage of business. On "Then What?" podcast, Electra shares her story with Lahari Neelapareddy, including how actually slowing down to establish processes, and find the right team and partners, allowed the company to really scale up. And why, for her, it was more about managing and preparing for growth than achieving it.

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