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The Courage to Love What You Do - "Then What...?" Podcast with Lynne McNelis of Fave4

Lynne McNelis is founder of fave4, a Texas-based hair care line. Lynne launched fave4 after years of experience in the professional salon industry because she wanted to make higher quality, high performing, affordable clean formulas for the professional market and for women and busy moms like herself. It was all born from wanting to take a leap of faith, to build something she knew she would love. Which explains her title: "CEO", which, for Lynne, stands officially for Chief Excitement Officer. If you don’t love what you do and voice that excitement, how can you get others to love it? On "Then What?" podcast, Lynne joins Lahari Neelapareddy to share how it all happened quickly; the challenges of the seeming stigma of being a beauty brand from Texas; the importance of making sure her kids know what she does; why whom you surround yourself with matters so much; how a community was built from faithful users and their reviews; why the challenge of learning the ropes of doing business on Amazon is worth it; how coming from a dance background led to Lynne and her company giving back even though they were still just an emerging brand; why it pays to have the right systems in place from the beginning; and why Lynne’s journey to her vision is never quite finished.

You can listen to it on Apple, Spotify, or directly here.

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