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The Freedom of Outsourcing: 5 New and Improved Virtual Accounting Solutions

Today, we’re doing everything remotely. Just about every professional industry has found a way to allow their employees to work from home.

That shift to virtual services can be daunting for businesses that have operated in a traditional office environment for so long. New businesses especially are now trying to find out how to work in this new normal.

In the past, accounting services were almost always done in person or in an office. However, with new developments in cybersecurity and technology, virtual accounting solutions have become a viable option for every kind of business.

Benefits of Virtual Accounting

Hiring a virtual accountant might not seem like a good option. But, when it comes to small businesses especially, it is your best option. With virtual accounting, you get all the benefits of an in-house accountant and more.

Save Money

The cost of a virtual accounting service is most likely lower than what you would pay for an in-house accountant. With an in-house accountant, you can expect to pay salary, benefits, and office space.

With a virtual accounting service, you pay for the service itself, and that’s it. Often these rates are much cheaper.

Accurate Bookkeeping

To run a successful business, you need to know where the money is going. When it comes time to review expenses, the last thing you want is inaccurate records. A virtual accountant will assist you in setting up processes that keep things running smoothly.

An Outside Perspective

When working on your own accounting, it’s easy to miss potential money-saving adjustments. Often reoccurring expenses get written off as just how it’s always been done in the past. An outside accountant will look at your expenses with fresh eyes. This way, they’ll give you advice and tips based on their knowledge of your business and the workings of other businesses they’ve worked with.

Less Paperwork

Old school accounting meant a lot of paperwork and a lot of mess. With virtual accounting, you implement new and simpler methods. Virtual paperwork makes it easy to organize and easier to find the important information you need when you need it.

With virtual accounting service, you receive top accounting advice and tips. Each accounting service is different and picking the right one depends on your needs.

Types of Virtual Accounting Solutions

With virtual accounting, you can pick exactly what service you need for however long you need it. Some businesses that usually do their own finances will outsource their accounting just for tax season. There is no one size fits all virtual accounting, but you’ll always find a service that fits exactly what you need.

CFO Outsourcing

Outsourced CFOs work alongside you to manage expenses and budgets. CFOs are more hands-on in your affairs. This is more like a true staff accountant. A virtual CFO is a great option for start-ups and larger businesses who want the full package accountant.


If you don’t think you need a full CFO service, you can get a virtual bookkeeper. They will help you get set up with new virtual finance tracking software and help to manage the spending in your company. Bookkeeping service helps you track spending, earnings, payroll, and invoicing.

Bookkeeping service helps you do all the things you don’t have time for, virtually. So easy.

Financial Coaching

For startup businesses and individuals who don’t know where to begin with their finances, there is financial coaching. With this, you get advice on finding funding, budgeting, and creating goals and timelines. Financial coaching helps you to get confident with the workings of your own business.

Once you know that you’ll benefit from virtual accounting, the next step is finding a virtual accounting service that you feel confident in.

Choosing a Virtual Accountant

There’s no reason for you to sacrifice any of the convenience that an in-house accountant would offer. When searching for a virtual accountant, you want to look for the same qualities you would desire for any other in-person hire.

What services do they offer?

First, make sure they offer the kind of services you require. Some virtual accountants may specialize in only bookkeeping or only financial coaching. If you’re still not sure what kind of accounting you need, they should offer a consultation.

Are they knowledgeable?

Second, make sure they’re knowledgeable. An accountant that doesn’t know what they’re doing doesn’t help anyone. Some virtual accountants may have relevant experience and references that show their knowledge.

With others, you may give them sample finances to work on during the interview process. That way, you can see how they work before you hire them.

Do they care about the future of your business?

Finally, are they willing to work with you and collaborate? You want to find an accountant who understands that you want them to keep you up to date with everything going on with the finances. You want to share ideas and goals and work together to meet them.

A good accountant stays invested in the future of your company and wants to help meet your goals. Accountants should be future-oriented and will make suggestions for how the company can improve finances.

Ultimately, accountants work closely with delicate business matters. Therefore, you need an accountant who you trust and like. Thankfully it’s easy to find that person virtually.

A Virtual Accounting Solution For You

At LN Accounting, we offer all kinds of personalized virtual accounting solutions. Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and invested in the future of your business.

Right now, businesses need trustworthy accounting services more than ever. We’re ready to help you manage and even thrive through whatever financial situation you’re in.

Contact us to learn more about our virtual accounting solutions and to find the one that fits your needs best.

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