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The right blend of science and entrepreneurialism - Dr. Sadowski of Nourishing Botanicals

The power of science, the right ingredients, in the right combinations -- it’s the only way to get results. Dr. George Sadowski blended the power of science with the power of entrepreneurialism, founding the luxe skincare brand Nourishing Biologicals. This was all on the belief that a clear, healthy complexion is within the reach of everyone. On "Then What?" podcast. Dr. Sadowski, who has specialized training in molecular biology and biochemistry, shares how he and his team developed a comprehensive skincare solution dedicated to the science behind healthy, beautiful skin that will help you look and feel like your best, most confident self, how nourishment reaches beyond the skin, and into the community at a time when we need health and wellness insights more than ever, and why it’s what you do with that science next, once you ask “Then What”, that makes it really matter.

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