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"Then What...? " - Episode 1: Jessica Arman of My Magic Mud

Every business owner eventually faces pivotal moments when they ask, “Ok, then what?”. Do I press forward, call it quits, or adapt and redirect... and how? Explore these questions with Lahari Neelapareddy, CPA and founder of LN Accounting Advisor, LLC, through inspiring stories of what brought leaders through their biggest “Then What” moments, and the effective leadership and business practices which keep them on the path to success.

From the local farmer’s market into the international market, Jessica Arman has taken My Magic Mud to incredible heights. Her products have disrupted the natural beauty and oral care market, but the journey there hasn’t come without its challenges. It’s her drive to inspire other business owners, especially female entrepreneurs, to brighter futures (and teeth, of course) that propelled her through her moments of ‘Then What’. Check out the full podcast episode here.

You can find episodes of "Then What...?" on Apple or Spotify.

Major thanks to MouthMedia Network and our amazing guests who have made this possible. We can't wait to share it with you!!

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