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"Then What...?" Rusty Jones - HelloWater

With a mission to bring fiber to the market in a way that is not only healthy but delicious, Rusty Jones designed a water brand that “works for you” and that has disrupted the industry, pioneering the blend of health-conscious hydration with the crucial need to add fiber to our diets. Rusty and the Hello Water team believe that this product is not just a product--it’s a message with a mission, adding value to the market and bringing a better tomorrow to society. On "Then What?" podcast, Rusty shares with host Lahari Neelapareddy the highs and lows of building his business, a scary moment that proved his team would do anything to make sure they succeeded, and he relives a chance encounter on a plane that showed that they had created something incredibly important and more impactful than they even could have ever imagined from a brand that started with a simple word: Hello.

This episode can be found on Apple, Spotify, and here.

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